News Reader Clients
Here is a listing of news reader clients with short descriptions and screen shots. Your free, uncensored, unlogged, Tera News account should work with any standards compliant news client. Just create your news account and point your nntp client to or (50MB/day users).

Forte Agent
Agent is a feature-enhanced commercial news and e-mail reader product. If you are looking for enhanced newsreading functionality, kill and watch filters, sorting, support for MIME/Base 64 encoded attachments, fully integrated e-mail capabilities then Agent is it.
Auto Pix
AutoPix is an automated NNTP downloader/decoder/previewer for Windows 9X.

It will download pictures from the subscribed newsgroups and place them in the directory of your choice. Simply set set up the news server name, pick some newsgroups and AutoPix does the rest.

Binary Boy
Binary Boy can search immediately or wait until a scheduled time, then dial your ISP, collect all attachments matching your search criteria and hang up. Search and filter using AND, OR and NOT. Search and filter globally or create search strings for each individual newsgroup. Handles UUencoded multiparts and MIME base-64.
Binary News Assistant
Binary News Assistant monitors, selects, downloads, and decodes binary newsgroup articles. It has an easy-to-use interface with many features like filters, the ability to flag articles, the ability to decode all articles into their binary equivalents, and the ability to ignore articles.
Binary News Reader
Binary News Reader is a basic freeware program designed to make downloading binary articles a snap.

Other features include:

  • Support for accessing multiple news servers at one time
  • Connection on demand
  • An internal JPEG viewer
Foto Vac
FotoVac is a program for downloading images from Internet newsgroups that is simple to set up and use. FotoVac will read through the newsgroups that you select and will download all the images that it finds in each group. The images are displayed as thumbnails, and to view a full size version of a downloaded image all you have to do is click on it.

FotoVac supports filtering images by author and keyword, and can check for duplicate images. It also supports all the major image formats, including .bmp, .jpg and .png.

Free Agent
A great freeware Newsreader with an easy to use interface with autopost, autodecode of binaries, and a great subscribed group organization method.
Lurker is an off-line Newsreader and newsgroup database. Offers a database for news group messages. Download an entire newsgroup full of messages into a local database for fast sorting, searching, browsing and printing. Use Lurker to create your own tech support resource using the combined knowledge of the newsgroup members. Incorporates a power search, message tagging, and HTML support.
Microplanet Gravity
Gravity Version is a powerful tool for accessing and processing information from the more than 25,000 USENET discussion groups. Integrated rules, view filtering, and scoring systems help to automatically identify important information and eliminate unwanted content. Built-in multi-server support lets you switch between servers with the click of a mouse. The Image Gallery makes decoding, viewing, and organizing images a snap.
NewsBin Professional
This tool automatically downloads and decodes any binary post to Usenet, including multipart posts. NewsBin's multi-threaded design will use every bit of your available bandwidth to suck down JPG, MP3, MPG, AVI, ZIP or any other binary file. Feed it a list of newsgroups, and it will run until every binary is downloaded. A manual mode allows you to pick and choose before you download, which is useful for large MP3 or MPG files on low bandwidth connections. NewsBin also has extensive filtering options, including special spam filters.
News Grabber
NewsGrabber allows users to easily collect binary attachments to USENET news articles without having to use a newsreader. Sounds, pictures, movies can be automatically decoded and stored without any manual intervention. Includes support for multi-part attachments, and MIME or uuencoded.
News Parrot
NewsParrot is a news reader that searches for a specific newsgroup on a list of Open servers, producing a list of servers with the group, its details, speed, the number of articles held in the newsgroup and whether it accepts non-member postings.

On selecting a specific newsgroup of interest, NewsParrot will instruct your default news reader to connect directly to the requested server and begin importing the selected newsgroup's article headers.

NewsParrot provides access to many different news-servers; the majority of the 100,000+ groups and the quantity of articles available in each group is increased.

This program is an excellent companion to your newsreader, greatly extending the speed and access to free newsgroups - a no contest for the 4 cow rating.

News Pro
NewsPro is an easy-to-use, multi-tasking news reader with advanced support for multiple news servers. NewsPro lets users perform searches on servers in a large number of newsgroups, and gives users an option for fast synchronizing of newsgroup content for effective downloading of multi-part attachments.
News Reactor
NewsReactor can download several files for your favorite news groups, including MPGs, MP3s and AVIs.

The News Reactor interface is very easy to use, and it includes great features that make it stand apart from most news readers. Functionality wise, you are looking at a easy 5 cower; Enjoy the download!

News Rover
News Rover is a full-featured Usenet news reader with a number of powerful features: The News Rover MP3 Music Locator searches all MP3 newsgroups for songs so you don't have to "subscribe" to each group, download headers, etc. Similarly, the News Rover File Attachment Locator finds any type of binary file in any binary newsgroup. News Rover supports multiple news servers and can download from all servers at the same time. Its "Autoscan" feature is designed to automated, unattended scanning of newsgroups. News Rover has an excellent JPG Picture Gallery/Slide Show for browsing downloaded images. Its optional Password Protection and Encryption option allows you to hide newsgroups unless a password is entered and encrypt downloaded files so that they cannot be launched unless a password is entered.
NewzTop fits neatly into your desktop, bringing all the important news to your attention immediately.

With this ticker you can choose from a plethora of news sources that you can customize to meet your own, personal needs.

Omni Viewer
OmniViewer Pro allows you to quickly and easily search through news headlines to find stories that interest you. These headlines can then be placed on a ticker and watched in real-time.

OmniViewer Pro also supports wireless devices

The Pluckit 3 is an automated Windows program designed to easily and automatically retrieve pictures, fonts, games, zips, and other binary attachments from the USENET newsgroups. Built in viewers with a slide show, spam elimination and search features, make Pluckit 3 easy to use.

Note: Only allows 15 downloads per session

Re: News
This newsreader removes the frustration of finding information in Usenet newsgroups. A search is done using simple keywords, boolean expressions, wildcards, phrases, and near words for newsgroup matching and exclusion. Search the subject heading and the body of articles in a massive web based archive. The articles found are given in a custom sorted list.
SB News
SBNews: News Robot allows you to automatically download and uudecode from binary newsgroups. Many special features including thumbnails that display pictures during download and sophisticated lockout, keyword search, and spam rejection features. Comprehensive logging, statistics, and duplicate file rejection system. Built-in full-screen resizable JPEG viewer with slide show and image categorization features. Supports automatic encryption to protect sensitive images.
TIFNY will automatically search your favorite Usenet newsgroups, identify the image and music files that interest you, and download them into its easy-to-use database. TIFNY has extensive filtering and automation techniques, downloads all file types, and even handles multi-segment files. It has an MP3 player with a jukebox, an image viewer with editing functions, a video player, and a built-in webbrowser. And TIFNY's thumbnailer lets you quickly and efficiently locate images, music, video, and other files by directory, newsgroup, author, date, organization, album or artist.
I have always been a big newsgroup fan, browsing for images, files and everything else under the sun. However, sometimes I just don't have the time to read all of the messages just to get the attachments I want.

xGrab takes the time out of all of that and gives you a simple way to view just the attachments. Users can use the powerful filtering features to filter for any substring in the subject line or message. In addition, there is a scanning options so you can download the first portion of the series and decide if you want the rest.

With all of the newsgroups I search, I need a utility like this. You can be sure that it will be added to my personal library of software.

XNews has a NewsXpress-like interface. it also features Plonk files, quick filter score files for even more advance filtering, support for multiple servers/identities, binaries handling Optional Header and article caching; plus folders for permanent archival.