Can we live without computers?

We can’t imagine our life without computers nowadays. For many years at home and at work, computers have always been with us. But are we always using them correctly? Can we live without computers in case if they are all to get broken or disappear for some other reasons? If yes, what do we need to learn or do to be able to live without computers? Let’s discuss this topic in detail.

A completely different reality 

Try to imagine a day where you can’t log into your bank account or check your email. You can’t check what time your favourite TV show is on or which movies are playing in your area. You can’t watch YouTube videos or listen to music. You can’t search for answers to any questions you have or watch tutorials (like, say, how to make that awesome meal you’ve always wanted to try). You can’t check Facebook or Twitter—or any social media site, really. You can’t get directions anywhere.

You definitely can’t play games! Can you imagine living in a world where there are no smart phones, Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switch consoles? What about those virtual reality glasses that everyone’s going crazy about lately? And all those PC games like Fortnite and World of Warcraft—what if those weren’t around?!

Computers have become so ingrained in our culture that it would be too difficult to give them up.

But, would we be able to do it? 

It’s interesting to think about how people lived before the existence of the Internet and computers. The problem with this question is that if you’re reading this article, you’ve already grown up with the Internet. You probably don’t remember how life was without it, which makes it difficult to imagine how you could live without it.

The good news is that, yes, you would be able to survive! In fact, millions of people around the world do not use the Internet on a daily basis. Chances are, if your power went out for an extended period of time, you’d be just fine.

Of course, life would be different from what you’re used to. For example, you might need to go back to using a phone book instead of Google when looking up information about local businesses. You also wouldn’t be able to use video chat services like Skype or Facetime with friends and family who don’t live nearby. But you would survive nonetheless. 


I believe that computers are very beneficial in our lives, so if they were to disappear, we would be at a major loss. For example, we use our computers in order to complete school work and do research. If they were gone, we would not be able to do those things anymore. In addition, we use our computers for entertainment purposes as well. It would be difficult to live without computers because they are such an important part of our lives! With that being said, we would still be able to live without them – after all, so many people did before computers were invented.