The Best Gaming PCs of 2018

Playing games on desktop computers is a daily routine for many people. Both online computer games or offline computer games are an interesting way to spend some free time and entertain. Nowadays, there is a range of computer games you can choose from. The games have improved in a way to provide the perfect experience for gamers. New sound systems and excellent graphics make playing the games on computer enjoyable and fun. Nowadays, people who like playing games, try to find desktop computers that will provide a full experience. For that reason, we will present the best gaming PCs of 2018 in the following paragraphs.

iBuypower Snowblind

iBuypower Snowblind with is Nvidia GeForce and Intel Core i7-8700K operative system is one of the best gaming PCs of 2018. Its storage is 1 TB HDD and its RAM IS 16GB. Furthermore, this computer has a transparent LCD. These characteristics make it a very good gaming computer that can provide a great gaming experience. It is very functional and its display is connected to the graphics via DVI which has the purpose of being a second monitor. Its graphics and sound system along with good storage and RAM memory turn playing the games into an amazing and irreplaceable experience.


Corsair One

Corsair One is a gaming computer which is compact, silent and efficient. The operative system it uses is Intel Core i7-7700K