Top Five Science and Technology Museums in the World

Science and technology have always amazed people all over the world. Many people have always wanted to be a part of it or at least to be able to see all the development in one place. If you’re a fan of online betting with different bonuses such as the BGO promo code 2020, you must have noticed how far this technology has come. In addition, if you’re a gamer, you are able to play video games with people from all over the world. For these reasons, many science and technology museums in the world have emerged. The name science museum refers to a museum in which a particular branch of science is displayed or a branch of technology is displayed. Science and technology museums are very interesting to visit. They are equipped with modern technology, big multimedia screens and other gadgets that help us experience science and technology completely.

There are many science and technology museums all over the globe. However, we have decided to present five science and technology museums that are in our opinion the best of them all.


The Museum of Natural History in London was established in 1881 and deserves our number one place. The Natural History Museum is famous for exhibiting animals, plants, fossils, minerals, natural resources and other skeletons. In addition, it is the most famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons among which you can find the most amazing and rarest fossils.Over five million people have visited the Museum of Natural History in London, and many more are waiting to pay it a visit.


This is another museum in London, the United Kingdom which was founded in 1857. This is a museum of technology and science where you can find the remnants of the Industrial Revolution. It is a place of famous exhibitions, such as Robots, where the exhibition shows us how the development of artificial intelligence occurred. In addition, exhibitions dedicated to the four centuries of mathematics, statistics and other occur as well. This is a great place for all science and technology lovers that is worth visiting.


National Air and Space Museum is located in Washington DC in the United States of America. This is a museum where you can find the finest collection of historic spacecraft and aircraft. You can find the historic objects you only dreamt of, such as the Wright brothers’ planes, Apollo 11 and many others. If you ever come to Washington DC, use your time to visit the museum, because the collection they have should not be missed. 


This science and technology museum is located in Shanghai, China as its name says it. Three million visitors visit this museum every year, and the museum itself has 13 permanent exhibitions such as Cradle of Design or World of Robots, Spectrum of Life and many others. There are four science theatres and two galleries you can visit and enjoy. This is one of the greatest and biggest museums of all times which is definitely worth visiting if you ever come to Shanghai. 


Our number five on the list is The City Of Science And Industry located in Paris, France. Comparing to the other museums in Europe this is definitely the biggest one, square meters wise. It was founded in 1986 and it has many great exhibitions. You can visit scientific exploration, medicine, space, industry and many others. Around five million people visit it every year, and it is worth visiting if you ever come to Paris.