Virtual Reality Shaping the Online Gaming World

Virtual Reality is the latest technological development that has emerged and the popularity of which has not stopped growing. It has reached many aspects of technology, businesses, and industries, however, the biggest and the most lucrative application of virtual reality is most probably in the gaming industry. The money invested in virtual reality technology is huge, billions and billions are invested in this new technology, and it is expected that the virtual reality gaming industry will generate around 6 billion dollars in 2018, and half a million dollars more in the next year. Many gaming industry companies have already launched amazing virtual reality games and are trying to be the first in the field, such as Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR, and many others. So, in which way is virtual reality shaping the online gaming world?  In the following paragraphs, we will try to see how virtual reality technology works and how it shapes the online gaming industry.


Virtual Reality Technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. In order to make it possible, a close integration of several units and components is needed. You can experience virtual reality through a headset, such as HTC Vive. When you are using a headset you need an extra PC or just a console in order to be able to play a virtual reality game. How does the headset work? The headsets are equipped with two displays which are separated, and they merge into one single display to create a 3D image from two 2D images. The displays present a virtual environment by getting rid of all the boundaries that traditional displays have. The virtual reality is rendered in life-size, and the field of view, which goes from about 100 to 110 degrees, is increased. 

As the player moves his or her head the pictures are shifted in front of the players’ eyes. In this way, a full experience of virtual reality is gained. This is enabled by head tracking systems Head tracking systems usually have gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers in order to provide the best possible experience. If the latency is higher than 50ms, the virtual reality experience can cause nausea, which is why the developers create lower latency for the games. 


Virtual reality technology brings a whole new perspective to the traditional games, online games and console games. Regardless of the type of the game, the possibilities that virtual reality gives us provides a full and unique experience for the gamers. With virtual reality technology, people have a real sense of interaction and presence while playing the game. The gamers have the feeling that they are their avatars. The things they do, the way they move influences the game, they are completely in control. 

For now, virtual reality games are made in two different forms. We have the games played with the already mentioned headset and the ones with a simulator. Simulators, simulated environments differ from the head mounted headsets in a way that they bring the physical world much closer to the game and thus provide a better gaming experience. You can explore the jungle, huge buildings inside the simulator.  However, the disadvantage is that you cannot play the game at your home, you need to visit the lab, while with a headset you can play games online in your room. 


Virtual reality games are the future. The speed in which they are developing is impressive, and very soon the gap between the physical world and our imagination will be bridged and the VR games will become easily accessible and affordable for all game lovers.