How to Make Money Playing Computer Games

Computer games have become very popular and for the majority of people, the games have become a part of their everyday lives. They are a sort of entertainment and a great way to spend your free time. Many people check out online casino reviews and enjoy playing simple games with an added sort of excitement. However, are there any other benefits of computer games? The games help us focus, concentrate and develop our skills. In addition, for some more skillful people, playing computer games can be a way to earn some money. In order to help you mix work with pleasure, in the following paragraphs, we will discuss how to make money by playing computer games.


Making money by playing computer games can be as fun as playing the game. The first thing you could do to make money is to write guides on how to play the game for new players. Firstly, you should find a popular game many people like to play. Play it and see how it works, what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages. Overcome the disadvantages and then find some new players and share your knowledge in writing. The only thing you need here is writing skills. This is an easy and safe way to earn some money while doing what you like best.


If you have good writing skills, you have another opportunity to earn some money while playing the games. Earn money by writing reviews and news for a given game, the gaming industry and other. It is a highly competitive job, and you need a lot of effort to beat the competition. Do not lose your patience, try to stay focused and well informed, search through all the sources you can find, and check every word before you write it down.


Even though it sounds interesting game testing is quite exhausting and underpaid. Firstly, you need to find a game developer that want to test the game. Then you cannot relax while playing the game. You need to be completely focused and concentrated on the game. The developers may ask of you to focus on certain aspects of the game. So even though it sounds like a way to play new games for free it is not as interesting and easy going as it sounds.


Making live streams seems to be interesting. It looks as if the only thing you would have to do is to play the game and record yourself. However, the reality is different. You need to build your own live stream of high quality about playing a game and overcoming an obstacle. In addition, you need to speak slowly and use the words that are suitable for all sorts of players. Building your own live stream video is exhausting and time-consuming. Furthermore, you need at least 100 viewers per month in order to earn some money. The possibility of gathering more than 10 people to watch your stream is very low. Unless you can have 100 viewers per month for a video, you should not waste your time on live streams.