Three Best Mobile Phones for Gaming

The modern age brought many new gadgets to make our lives easier. The devices we use daily and without which we cannot imagine our lives are mobile phones. The benefits of mobile phones are enormous. We are easily reachable and everything is easily accessible for us wherever we go. We use them, not only for calling and texting but also for learning, exploring, and entertaining. For example, those who like to play bingo can do it online whenever they want. There are even bonus codes such as Two Fat Ladies Bingo Promo Code that make playing online even more enjoyable. Every day, various games are accessible to us on our mobile phones. Just two decades ago, games could have only been played on TV or computers. Nowadays, people search for the phone which is best suited for playing games. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, the best mobile phones for gaming, in our opinion, will be presented to you.

iPhone X

iPhone X is produced by the Apple company and was released for the first time in October 2017. When it comes to its characteristics, it weighs less than 180g, and its screen is less than 6 inches. The operative system it uses is iOS 11. When it comes to RAM, it is 3 GB, while its storage is 64 out of 256 GB. Overall it is a very good phone. What makes it great for gaming is the App Store. The best games always go to the App Store, and with this new iPhone X, you can reach the games. In addition, what makes the phone good for playing games is that it has a bigger battery than previous iPhone versions and OLED display with excellent contrast ratio which makes the visual effects of the games stand out.


Galaxy X9 was released in March 2018. The phone weighs around 190g. It is about 16 cm long and 7.5 cm wide. The operative system it uses is Android 8 Oreo. The screen of 6.2 inches and 1440×2960 resolution makes it great for games. In addition, it has Game Tools which have proven to be very helpful. However, the disadvantage of Galaxy X9 is the battery which is not as lasting as it is expected of a Galaxy phone. Nevertheless, Adreno 630 graphics and RAM of 4 GB is what makes this phone great for playing games.


Playstation makers helped Sony Xperia XZ2 be developed. The phone was released in February 2018. When it comes to the technical characteristics of the phone, it weighs less than 200g, it is around 16 cm long and 7 cm wide. It uses Android 8 as its operative system. The screen is less than 6 inches, and the resolution is 1080×2160 HDR. Its RAM of 4 GB and the Snapdragon 845 chipset makes it good for gaming. Furthermore, the phone has dual front-facing speakers that provide an amazing sound experience. When combined with great visual experience the phone gives, the speakers provide gaming experience you have never had on a mobile phone.

These three mobile phones we presented in the article are our top three phones for gaming. Use them for your favorite games and see for yourself how good they are.